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Grades             MFR              Application                                              Typical Application

LD2420D         0.25            Film Blowing             Bags & Pouches for consumer Goods, Shrink and Blown Films

LFI2130           0.3              Film                           General packaging, particularly those requiring a measure of shrink 

LD2420F3       0.3              Film                           Heavy duty packaging, shrink hoods

LD2420F          0.75           Film Blowing              Bags & pouches, shrink Films

LD2426F8        0.8             Film                           High impact strength freezer films, surface protection films

LD2420F8        0.8             Film                           Bags & pouches,Shopping bags,sanitary films,surface protection films

LFI2119           1.9             Film                            Blown film extrusion,general purpose packaging,lamination films

LD2420H         1.9             Film                            Bags & pouches,Food Grade,Cast Films,Shrink Films,Blown Films

2420E02          1.9             Film                            Bags & Pouches, High clarity films,Fine Shrink Films,Blown Films

LFI2125A         2.5             Film                            Stiff films with excellent,optical properties, low COF & no blocking

LD2420K          4               Film/injection             Coatings,surface protection films,Shrink Films

LFI2047A         4.7            Film                            Blown film extrusion,high clarity laundry bags, textile wrapping films

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