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Grades          MFR                   Application                                              Typical Application

HP525J           3              Film/Thermo-Forming            BOPP packing films,containers,food&medical packaging

HP550J        3.2             Extrusion/Fiber                      Vending cups,packaging dairy products,tapes,strapping,mats                                                                                                                    and artificial grass,brush

C30S              6              Extrusion/Fiber                      Extrusion of film yarn,mono filament,cast film and sheet

V30S             16             Extrusion/Injection                Cover stock for diapers,non-woven fabrics,filters and fabrics                                                                                                      for the clothing & furniture industry

Z30S             25             Fiber                                      Textile industry

HP552R        25             Fiber Extrusion                       Medical-sanitary applications,Tissue,Bulk Bags,Fibers,Safety                                                                                                                 Belts,Bags&Backpack,Carpets and Rugs

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