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Grades        MFR           Application                           Typical Application

7026          2.4               Extrusion                    sheets,disposable dishware,electronic packaging,air ducting for car                                                                                                                        heater,TV and tape recorder equipment

4035          3.3        Extrusion/Injection              Refrigerator liners,refrigerator door paneling,sheet extrusion                                                                                                                                applications and for injection modules

6045           4         Extrusion/Injection             housewares,Food packaging a beverage cups,packaging for dairy                                                                                                                         products,disposable dishware,toys 

7055          4.5               Extrusion                    Refrigerator liners,packaging for oily foods and dairy products,sheet                                                                                                                     extrusion applications

5073           7         Extrusion/Injection               Food containers,Sheets,Housewares

4125          12        Extrusion/Injection              Housewares,Toys an food containers

3163          16                Injection                     Printers and copies,ventilators,TV back covers, Office machines,monitor

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