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Masterbatches, compounds and blends

All kinds of compounds and masterbatches can be produced in one-pack and customized according to customer demand.One-packs are tailor-made and well balanced additive masterbatches that cover a wide range of customer demands. These are mixture of two or more additives and present solutions for specific applications.


Adding color functionality to plastic,accelerating product design and development, building brand power in diverse each of these areas,our products,technology and service deliver major advantages and cement long-term customer relationships.

Colored masterbatches(white,Black,etc.)

Anti-Slip masterbatches

Antistatic Masterbatches

Antiblock Masterbatches

Calciumm carbonate Masterbatches

Antioxidant masterbatches

Anti-uv masterbatches

Anti-fog masterbatches

Engineering plastic compounds and blends:

PA based compounds

  • polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 compounds reiforced with glass fiber(10%-40%)
  • poluamide 6 and polyamide 66 compounds reiforced with mineral fillers(10%-40%)
  • impact modified PA6 and PA66

PP based compounds

This class of materials are widely used in automotive industries such as interior and exterior,also engine parts including air conditioning,radiator and etc.

  • polypropylene compounds reinforced with talc(10%-70%)
  • polypropylene compounds reinforced with calcium carbonate(10%-70%)
  • polypropylene compounds reinforced with glass fiber (10%-40%)
  • polypropylene compounds reinforced with talc and glass
  • polypropylene compounds reinforced with elastomers

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE-TPV)

  • TPE compounds based on styrene block copolymer,SBS(styrene-butylene-styrene)and polyolefin (hardness 15A-50D)
  • TPE compounds based on styrene block copolymer,SEBS(styrene-butylene-styrene)and polyolefin (hardness 15A-50D)
  • TPV compounds with a dynamically cured EPDm phase clocely dispersed in polyolefin (PP)(Hrdness 35A-65D)