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About Us:

Persian Gulf Polymer Pooya Tejarat Novin Co.

” founded in 1 May 2016 in the field of Petrochemical products like Styrenic polymers, Rubbers, Chemical products, and Recycled pipe application. Since Persian Gulf Polymer’s founding, its employees have exhibited a remarkable ability to do what others said couldn’t be done. Although we have been stuck in many challenges, we adapted all the challenges. these days our team believes that nobody can beat a team who never give up.
Today, we become a global company, which focus on missions, values, and strategic properties of company in the international markets. “Persian Gulf Polymer Pooya Tejarat Novin Co.” has many active customers through more than 40 countries worldwide in the Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.
WE ARE constantly looking to the future…


Our export Destination: